Snow Today, Summer Tomorrow

fly fishing, big skyLet’s just ignore the fact that it snowed today (yes, snow on May 26th) because now it’s sunny, the sky is blue and the clouds are big and white, and I want to write about summer.

We have had one hell of a winter this year, more snow than we’ve seen in years and the powder junkies came from far and wide to feed on the fruit La Nina bestowed on us in Big Sky, MT. Those of us who had the privilege of spending all winter long enjoying the fruit of La Nina are quite happy to see her go. We want summer and if you have ever had the opportunity to taste the Montana summer then you know exactly why.

Our summers are golden. Endless days, fresh mountain air, pristine streams, panoramic vistas to be had in every direction. Ever see the campaign about getting lost in Montana, well summer is definitely an excellent time to do it.

I’m addicted to the long days; it’s 8:30pm as I write this and not even close to dark. In another month night won’t come until after ten. One of my families favorite summertime activities is to sit outside by the river, build a fire and sip on glasses of port until the dark descends. I think that qualifies as heaven. Another new favorite that I’m just getting the hang of is fly fishing. I’ve been utilizing the assistance of an expert and managed to catch three rainbows in 15 minutes the other night at my super secret fishing hole. For me, summer evenings are what I live for, when the light becomes rich and honey like and somehow manages to make this beautiful place even more so.

Have I painted an enticing picture? If not, here are some images of Big Sky in the summer and some of the fun we get up to here (besides sip port by the fire).


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