Personal Wine Dinner — Third Course

Chateau Thivin BrouillyTo round out the meal, we turn to that old-school bastion of classic French dining: the cheese course. We have an active artisinal cheese industry here in Montana, and some amazing creations are available right here in the Gallatin Valley. We feature two cheeses from Vintage Cheese Company in Bozeman; a sweet and nutty Mountina Apline, and their Mocha Montina, with hints of coffee and chocolate. From Lifeline Organic Farms in Victor, MT we present “Brie de Bitterroot”.

In keeping with our theme of seasonal transitions, we would be remiss if we didn’t give a nod to the ultimate wine celebration of autumn; Beaujolais.

The real celebration-of-harvest wine is Beaujolais Nouveau, that quick-produced light and fruity wine released a mere six weeks after picking, in late November. But we’re too early for Nouveau, and, let’s face it, Nouveaux, at least those that make it to the US, are pretty bad (there, I said it). No, I’m talking about Cru Beaujolais, which offer more structure, complexity and ageability. I tasted the Chateau Thivin Brouilly last year and loved it for its straightforward strawberry and fresh cherry fruit, with just a little spice and earthiness.


We’re offering this three-course Personal Wine Dinner Monday, September 12 through Thursday, September 15. Cost is $39 per person. Call 406-995-4111 for reservations.



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