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Amuse Bouche: Our Culinary Roots from Executive Chef Scott Mechura

In America, we tend to have a myopic view of food and its origins, but as a nation comprised mostly of non-indigenous people, it stands to reason we have adopted ingredients and cuisines from all over the globe.

But every place tells a similar story about food origins. Here are a few misconceptions:

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Crabapple Picking in the Gallatin Valley Autumn

Just about 5 years ago to the date, I attended a jam and jelly making class, put on by Blue Chair Fruit‘s Rachel Saunders.  This class changed my life forever (Kris describes it as “possessed”).  That fall, I purchased a freezer full of local fruit while in season. I made jams, jellies, marmalades, butters, sauces–you name it. Every waking moment I was thinking about what I could put in a jar next. Every day off all winter long our house smelled just like grandma’s on a Sunday. So fast forward. I finally realized I missed one important part of Rachel Saunders’ class.  Rachel preached “pick what is in season and process it when it is in its prime and ripe”.  So now I try to pick and process as much as possible while fresh.  Ok, I still have fruit that I freeze, but let’s face it, “in-season” tends to happen all at once in Montana. Here is a recent foraging excursion Kris and I went on two weeks ago, and the fruits of our labor.   The trees were loaded this year, and in no time at all we had 25 lbs of tart little crab apples. Now starts the discussion about what to make? I am […]

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Amuse-Bouche: Is Gluten Free A Trend? from Executive Chef Scott Mechura

I see food trends come and go, and in chefs’ circles we often try to predict how long a particular trend will last. We usually all agree: not very long. And we’re usually right.

The gluten-free diet seems to be front and center as the current haute food trend. As a chef, I initially believed it to be just that, a trend. But maybe now it’s time to eat crow.

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Amuse-Bouche: The Latest Bite from Executive Chef Scott Mechura

In America, we tend to have a myopic view of food and its origins, but as a nation that is comprised of many non-indigenous people, it stands to reason we have adopted ingredients and cuisines from all over the globe. Even right here at home, Native American diets, like most peoples, varied regionally, but three ingredients (affectionately know as the “three sisters”, remained staples throughout the entire future United States: Squashes, beans, and corn (corn and it’s history is worthy of a whole entire conversation on its own). But every continent tells a similar story…

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Big Sky Food Festival July 21

18h Annual Big Sky Food Festival Tuesday, July 21st, 2015   In celebration of summer, Big Sky area restaurants work together for an evening of culinary delight. Over fifteen chefs participate, showcasing the best their individual menus have to offer. This is a great opportunity to experience a cross-section of the many talented individuals in the Big Sky area. Local breweries and California wineries are also invited to attend and showcase their products. The annual event is held outside at Big Sky’s historic Buck’s T-4 Lodge in the Gallatin Canyon. Each restaurant offers 2-4 items in “tasting portions”. Prices vary for each item, with an average of $3. Admission is $5 per person. The hours are from 5:00-9:00 PM. Parking is limited, so carpooling is encouraged.

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Buck’s Staff Visits Local Farms

In May Buck’s staff toured local farms that help provide food for our tables….. Traveling to warmer climates, hiking for the last secret skiing stashes, hitting the spring white water, fly fishing, and dusting off the golf clubs. These are all activities most Big Sky locals eagerly participate in as our busy seasons come to a close. But if you are a part of the Buck’s team you also take field trips. Field trips to some of the many farmers and ranchers that supply Buck’s with much of its quality products. Today the Buck’s team took a field trip day in which they made several stops: First, a trip to pick up our latest batch of fresh local honey with honeycomb. Next we paid a visit to a local gardener who will be supplying them with produce specifically grown for Buck’s. Then it was off to the Lazy SR Ranch in Wilsall to see where some of our beef, pork, and chickens come from. Lastly the team drove down to Chico Hot Springs to see their expansive garden in hopes Buck’s could take some pointers when they build one of their own in the near future. It is the camaraderie […]

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Recognition From

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Personal Wine Dinner April 6-11. 3 Courses, 3 Wines, $44

For our final week of the winter season, we are offering another installment in our popular Personal Wine Dinner series. Chef Mechura has designed a seasonal menu featuring local items paired with a wine for each course for only $44. Call for reservations at 995-4111, let us know you’re interested in the Personal Wine Dinner.  1st Course Durham Ranch quail, cheddar stone ground grits, maple bacon demi glace. Clairette de Die Sparkling Wine, Carod Freres, Rhone NV 2nd Course Wagyu beef flat iron, fondant potato, grilled asparagus, rich chanterelle mushroom jus. “Firehouse Red” Red Wine, Tamarack Cellars, Columbia Valley 2012 3rd Course Huckleberry cake, huckleberry syrup, chocolate ice cream. Late Harvest Malbec, Susanna Balbo, Argentina 2011 Carod Freres Clairette de Die Clairette brings delicacy and lightness to the wine whereas Muscat gives its typical sweet flavor. The wine displays intense aromas, a refreshing balance of fruit and acidity with peach, orange and white flowers flavors. Clairette de Die is produced with the ancestral dioise method. The grapes are rapidly pressed after the harvest and then placed in vats at low temperatures (replicating the process used by the Voconces in ancient times who kept the jars in the icy waters of […]

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Buck’s Restaurant Closes April 11

The restaurant at Buck’s T-4 will be closing for the Spring off-season April 12-June 4. Reservations can be made by calling 406-995-4111 or email. Thanks for a great winter!

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Chef and Owner Chuck Schommer Judges Culinary Competition

It’s a culinary competition that brings together industry and the classroom, as high school students from across Montana put their skills to the test. A total of 37 students from seven high schools across the state put their culinary skills to the test in the annual ProStart Invitational. “ProStart program is juniors and seniors interested in going into the culinary arts kitchen or management side,” explained Sarah Boyer. One competition asks students to prepare a three-course meal. In one hour. Using only two burners. They’re judged on taste, teamwork, safety and sanitation, among other skills. “I have to make sure everyone is doing what they’re supposed to,” said Raschel Helcher, a senior from Drummond High School. Chef and owner of Buck’s T-4 in Big Sky, Chuck Schommer, was one of the judges. “Many have to try out for the team just like in athletics and make the cut,” said Schommer. “Then hours and hours of practice to develop recipes and menu.” Emily Johnson “My part in the competition is to make and decorate the cake,” explained Emily Johnson, a student at Red Lodge High School. “And this is the one I made right here. It’s a white chocolate cake with […]

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